Sins Sneak Peek Prompt Post

“So, my point…” I paused, watching Julius flounce into the room beelining for his brother. He looked ready to do something stupid. Roman frowned at me, wondering why I paused in the middle of a very important discussion. Before he could speak, his brother crashed into the couch next to him. Not on a separate cushion like a normal person, mind you, but on the same cushion so that he was almost in his brother’s lap. 

“Roman!” He peered at his brother almost touching their noses to each other, “Do you know something I don’t?”

Roman rolled his eyes, “I know a lot of things you do not. You are going to have to be more specific.” At least he’s honest.

Roman!” He whined, “This is important! Someone deleted all of my recordings!” What? I can’t tell if I’m more confused that he records anything or that he thinks Roman can work the DVR. Just the other day Roman tried to use the remote to turn down the volume on the dishwasher. 

“And you think Roman - technology is useless, and a waste of time Roman - actually managed to work the DVR well enough to actually delete something. Oh, and let’s not forget that he would have to pay enough attention to your tv preferences to delete only your shows? Really?” Julius gave me a flat look. Apparently, he does think Roman is capable of that. Moron. Roman moved closer to me on the couch, still scowling at his brother.

“Yes! I know it was you!”

“What was Roman?” Ace asked, striding into the room. Oh thank… whoever. I’m just glad Ace is here.

“He deleted all of my wives on the tv!” His wives? What has he been recording? I should really pay more attention to it. Just to be sure it’s nothing too bad. 

“What? Oh,” Ace nodded, folding his arms, “You are talking about those Real Housewives of Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, and Beverly Hills. I deleted those, as well as the Bachelor. We needed the space for better tv shows. You get to pick one.”

“Wait,” Now I was frowning like Roman. We look like weird judgmental cousins. Ew. “What do you record, Ace?”

He scoffed, “The Good Place, obviously. Oh, and I record Hell’s Kitchen for Roman.” He shrugged, “He likes it.”

Roman nodded, “It is a good show.”

Thi- What? Never mind. I don’t even want to know how in the hell he found anything regarding Gordon Ramsey, but whatever. “Look, I don’t care. Just don’t delete any of my shows.”

“How many shows do you record?!” Julius whined, completely over dramatically.

“As many as I want.” Not really. It’s only three, but I’ll be damned if I answer to someone in a Care Bears onesie. “Now can you two get out so I can continue winning this debate with Roman?”

“You were not winning!”

Good lord he’s close to me. I pushed him back, forcing him to scoot over. How am I supposed to win an argument - no not argument. Debate. Dammit Salem. - with him in my personal space? “I was too winning. You were completely wrong. Do you want a list on how? I have a list.”

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