Sins Sneak Peek Prompt Post

“What is that?!” Julius screamed for the millionth time today. We’re at the zoo, not only are they all animals, but there are descriptions in front of every inclosure. 

Roman sighed, “He still has energy. Where did Salem go?”

“I’m right here!” She popped up on my other side with Ace beside her, both sporting new zoo themed umbrellas. “Ace and I were getting hot, so we stopped to get some sunshades. Look! Mine is a panda!”

“I see that. Nice Koala, Ace.” I held back a grin. I need to get a picture of him with that umbrella. It’s too perfect to ignore.

“Thank you. Where is our idiot brother?” He asked Roman, moving to stand beside him. Roman dodged the umbrella, although I’m not sure why. Having an umbrella with ears might get some of these moms to leave him alone. 

“Ace!” Their idiot brother called, “Look! They’re like moving rocks!”

Ace was already frowning before he got there. Life of the sensible brother must suck. A quiet growl escaped Ace, “Those are Armadillos, Julius. They aren’t that exciting.”

“Yes they are! They’re so cool looking!” Julius leaned into the railing. If he falls, we’re not going to get him. He’ll officially belong to the zoo. “Can we take one home?!” 

“Absolutely not.” Roman and I replied. His damned lemur is enough, and it’s Julius so if we say yes to one he’s going to take that as a yes to everything. Last week he tried to bring home a box of kittens so that Roi could be their “daddy” which I said no to for several reasons. Many of those reasons are the way he said the word ‘daddy’ but also because Roi would accidentally kill those kittens somehow.

“You never let me have any fun.” He pouted, coming back to us. “I thought we were here so I could have fun?”

“We’re here so you will have at least five percent less energy.” It’s also so we might have a chance to get some actual work done. We haven’t done anything since he got here, because he’s a full time job for four freaking people. “You can’t have a living armadillo, but we can get you a plushie of an armadillo?”

“Really?!” He darted off to the store, just barely missing a small child. Dear god. One of these days he’s going to get us sued. Roman went to apologize to the mother and daughter while Ace, Salem, and I chased after Julius.


“Hey, Ju…” I pushed on his bedroom door, trying to get it to open more. It wasn’t budging. Did he put something in front of it?! “Julius!”

“One second!” Five minutes of suspicious sounds later, the door swung open revealing Julius surrounded by stuffed animals. I’ve never seen so many in one place. No I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in my life.

“What the hell, Julius?”

“You said that I couldn’t collect real animals, but then you got me that stuffed armadillo! So now, any time when I want to adopt a cute animal, I just get a plushie version of it instead! Isn’t that great?!” 

Roman is going to kill me.

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