Nyx's Chosen Sneak Peek Prompt Post

“So,” Chad - or whatever his name is - leaned over the table, trying to get Amaya’s attention, “Whenever someone asks you if you have a boyfriend you always say you’re ‘taken,’ but we both know you aren’t dating anyone.”

Amaya rolled her eyes, “That’s because I am taken by a certain someone…” She moved to gesture to Aspen, who was standing at the counter with Nanami. 

“Don’t bullshit me, babe.” Oh come on, Aspen. Can’t that infant at the counter go any faster? 

“Don’t call me babe, Chandler. As I said…” 

He didn’t let her finish though. I don’t think he’s ever heard the end of anyone’s sentence except his own, “What are you doing this Friday?”

“Me.” Yes! Aspen glared over the table at him. I could see her wolf at the surface, ready to tear this boy to pieces. “Can I help you?”

“Baby, this is Chandler. He’s been our tour guide of sorts. Chandler, this is Aspen, my m… wife. My wife.” Aspen glared harder. Chandler backed down, and moved away from the table.

“Don’t ever call her babe again, Chad. She’s gay as fuck.” He scuttled away with his tail between his legs. At least there’s something there now.

“Stop smiling, Isabeau.” Aspen rolled her eyes. “His crab routine wasn’t that funny.”

“Amaya is laughing too!” Amaya was full blown laughing. I’m sure the sound of her cackling followed that peasant out of the restaurant. I almost felt bad. No. No I really don’t.

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