Karma Strickland

Event Horizon: SIns

Karma Strickland (formerly Karma Tamsin) is a twenty three year old college student working on her Bachelor's degree in Translation. She spends her days in class, training, or teaching her once a week class on basic martial arts for kids under ten. 

Title: The Indomitable Sin of Wrath

Strengths: Pyrokenetic, Black Belt in Krav Maga, Cat Person, Resident Badass, Speaks Five Languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Japanese


Event Horizon: SIns

Roman has led countless battles against Zion. Hundreds of thousands of Zion's soldiers have fallen under his blade. Lower level demons cower at the mere mention of this name.

Title: The Horseman of War

Strengths: Advanced Pyrokenetic using Hell Fire, Advanced Spells, Animal Lover, Master of Hand to Hand combat, Intimidating, Invulnerable

Medusa Sinclair

Event Horizon: Virtues

Medusa Sinclair loves the simple things in life. She spends most of her time working at Whittle Corner, meeting all the tourists that come through. On the rare chance she isn't working, she's usually spending her time enjoying the outdoors or spending time with her friend May. Though, always with a burger in hand. 

Strengths:  Areokenetic, Good Listener, Calming


Event Horizon: Virtues

Yes, that Michael. The Legendary ArchAngel and General of Zion's Forces. Michael has spent millenniums training his brothers to be warriors worthy of their title. He believes they need to be ready in case of another holy war igniting, and he will be sure that they are prepared.

Strengths: Cryokenetic, Advanced Spells, Menacing, Master of Hand to Hand Combat, Invulnerable, Master Swordsman


The Awakening Trilogy

Isabeau is the daughter of two prominent vampires. She's considered to be the princess of the vampire family, and the prime choice for arranged marriages within the vampire community. Love, compassion, and empathy weren't something that was taught or encouraged in the estate she lived in for two hundred years. That hasn't stopped her from trying to be the best person she can be. Not only, a daughter her goddess can be proud of, but a friend that her loved ones can rely on.

Strengths: Vampire, Telekinetic, Superhuman Strength, Erebokenetic, Cautious 

Princess Nanami

The Awakening Trilogy

Princess Nanami of the Royal Court of Atlas lived a peaceful life in her aquatic kingdom with her brother by her side. She spent her life trying to improve the people, spending time with the young sirens, learning about the problems her subjects face, and finding ways to improve their lives. Even after her escape, Nanami's main gol is still focused on improving the lives of her people, just not at the expense of her own happiness. She believes she can still help her people, love her prickly vampire, and keep all hernia friends.

Strengths: Siren, superhuman strength, Limited Shifting, Literal Sunshine


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