The Event Horizon Series

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The Event Horizon: Sins 

The first Sin has been located. Lucifer, knowing just how dangerous the leader of The Seven Indomitable Sins can be, puts his best man on the job. Roman has trained more demons than he can count. This one shouldn’t be any different, even if she is meant to become the leader of the most powerful group of demons in history. Getting her to fall in line shouldn’t be much of a challenge for Lucifer’s most esteemed general.

Karma Strickland has never been one to take orders, especially if those orders are coming from a man she’s never met. If she’s meant to uproot the life she’s worked so hard to build so she can learn magic to save worlds that have never done anything to help her, she’s going to do it on her own terms. With Roman’s help, Karma can become the savior the world needs. As long as they can get along  long enough to actually train, that is. Maybe pairing The Horseman of War with The Indomitable Sin of Wrath wasn’t the best idea.

Book One in

The Event Horizon: Virtues

The first Virtue has awoken. Yhwh has put his most esteemed general on the task of training this Virtue to be the legendary Virtue of Patience: Leader of the Seven Heavenly Virtues. The Archangel Michael has completed countless tasks for his father without failure, and this should be no different. 

Medusa Sinclair has always been content with her quiet simple life in her picturesque home town. She never considered she would be anything special or extra ordinary until Michael showed up. Now she’s supposed to be this Heavenly Virtue with unimaginable powers that is going to lead six other similarly as powerful Virtues against some unspeakable evil. Will she prove Michael right and become who she's destined to be? Or will she fail, allowing darkness to take over?

The Awakening Trilogy

The Awakening Trilogy

Nyx, the primordial goddess of the night and mother of all vampires, blessed Isabeau with extraordinary powers. When the Elder Council of vampires catches wind of her extraordinary powers, and a lost siren princess crashes - quite literally - into her life, looking for sanctuary from vengeful mermaids, Isabeu’s life goes from a quiet life in her family’s manor to a fast paced escape and adventure as she discovers her vital role in an ancient prophecy, and find love and true friendship along the way.


Grandparents: 50+

Getting To Know Me: Grandparents edition is a guided journal, perfect for grandparents. Our goal with this journal is to give you the opportunity to remember things that may not be in the forefront of your mind anymore, but are still important and to be able to pass those memories down to your children and grandchildren.

I cannot count how many times I heard my mother wish she knew more about her grandmother; What the name of her favorite perfume was, Her favorite place to live, Her childhood best friend's name. 

Ultimately this book is for really getting to know a person through the things that make them happy. After all that is the biggest part of every person.

Everyone Else: 14+

Getting to Know Me is a guided journal, suitable for most ages. Our goal with this journal is to give you a chance to learn something about yourself, and possibly pass this journal filled with your answers down to your descendants so that they may learn something about you. This is not a book for recording family medical history or a family tree. Rather this journal is for the people wanting to track how much they've grown or changed in five, ten years to look back and see what their favorite song was or how their thought process has changed. This book is for anyone who wants to know more about someone they love. 

Ultimately this book is for really getting to know a person through the things that make them happy. After all that is the biggest part of every person.

Kids: 6+

Getting To Know Me: Kids! Edition is finally here! My nieces and nephews were not happy when they flipped through the first Getting To Know Me and couldn't answer the questions. This one is for the kids, who also want to learn something about themselves and have a book to look back on to remember what they were like a few years ago. Getting To Know Me: Kids! is filled with fun out of the box types of questions to keep kids engaged, and having a good time.


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